Dog Barking Remedies – Tips on How to Train Your Dog to Stop Barking

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When you first get a newbie puppy into your territory, it’s most likely to get scared of the new environment and screams won’t leave your garden in peace. Yes, it’s so healthy. But, are you tired of the crying dog, and wish to deter the barking without using any artificial means of dog bark controlling mechanisms? If Yes, then this review will give you steps and clear guidelines on how you can achieve it with minimal hassle. Let’s do it the expert style.

Dogs bark for many reasons; when they play, offensive, lonely, and also when you give it food. It may be hard to tell precisely the difference, but a pitched bark will signal danger and anxiety. With separation anxieties, the dog will experience some desperation and lone, without company, and it is used to your presence, can trigger the same.

Brief about reasons for dog barking;

  • Alarm barking– sight and sound triggered
  • Attention seeking- to gain attention
  • Territorial barking- intruders
  • Greeting
  • Compulsive barking- no defined reason
  • Frustration-induced due to separation or confinement

Before we embark on our training, we have three tips that you should keep in mind for a swift training session with your dog;

  • Do not yell at your dog-this will only symbolize that you’re barking along with your canine friend.
  • Be positive with your training
  • Consistency is the key to progress. Do not confuse your dog; make sure every other person in the house practices the same exercise.

Training methods

We are going to tackle the most preferred ways of training your dog based on estimated time and convenience.

Ignore the barking

Sometimes your dog barks at something only to get some attention from you. If you fall into its trap, it means you are rewarding him for being noisy, and don’t expect silence to come by. In this case, ignore him completely, until the barking stops. Immediately afterward, offer a treat and move. The only limiting factor in this training method is, you will have to wait; however long it may take for him to stop the barking; and not everyone is that patient enough. Do not break the waiting chain; it will only symbolize that the more it barks, it will eventually get your attention and bark longer than usual.

Remove the offending stimulus

If your dog barks at particular objects animals like squirrel, which may be hard to eliminate, you can remove the incentive. For instance, closing the curtains will block the vision and remove the critters from their sight. A dog won’t bark at an imaginary animal, hence blocking the stimulus can prevent miscellaneous barking.

For the case of sound stimuli, you will have to introduce another means. Let’s say children playing outside or mail truck approaching your premises, masking the sound can be a lot of hell to do away with. However, if you turn on your radio, fan, or desktop with soothing music that can eliminate the outside noise can do you a great deal. Your journey to a quieter environment has just begun.

Use commands

You want to know the easiest way to get your dog to learn and follow commands? This short paragraph will outline into details on how you can achieve it. You can use sound, look, or gesture to communicate something to your dog. These creatures are just on another level. Be persistent with your commands until you’re sure the dog has submitted to you. Most people will prefer using the ‘SIT’ command while others use ‘QUIET’ command. This training method is best suited in a calm environment where there are no potential distractions. If your dog follows your command, offer him a treat, and praise him.

Anti-stress devices

Dogs always want to be playful and distracted; meaning leaving him home alone with be a stressful journey. Have you ever realized that there exist certain toys that your dog may love and enjoy without noticing your absence? Now you know. Stress reducing collars and anxiety wraps are among the majorly used dog distractions. The materials are breathable fabrics that provide gentle pressure with a calming effect on your dog.

Furthermore, you can grab some toys for your dog in the process of keeping him active when you’re not around. It is the only way to make your dog feel secure. Additionally, you can play some music that will enhance a calming effect for a peaceful stay of your dog. Mostly, your canine will sleep in the end.

Spray Collars

Spray collars are not any similar to shock-collars. Wonder what makes them unique? Let’s find out. Typically, we do not advocate the use of shock collars since it is not recognized as a way of training; however, spray collars are beneficial when it comes to training. Unlike shock collars that relay a shock when your dog fails to stop barking, spray collar sprays a liquid on their face each time they continued barking. The liquid constitutes citronella, an oil extract with a slight lemony odor. The purpose of the spraying liquid is to distract and discourage your dog from barking a second time. Strategy, in this case, is the natural dislike of the smell by your dog.

Hire a professional

If all these other factors failed to keep your dog away from barking, consider hiring a professional. Dog trainers have a special touch to approaching dog problems with kindness. You only have to find the best remedy to suit your situation.

We wish success towards your effort!

Final Thought

You should never have expectations such as a dog with no barking; it’s unexpected similar to expecting a child to be silent. You should first dig into the matter and find out why it is barking. Dogs bark due to many reasons, which we’ve tackled at the beginning of this discussion; therefore, if the barking irritates you, then you should start treating the problem. What experts strongly discourage you from doing is the intimidating techniques like striking your dog or repeated yelling. In other words, punishment is never advised. Note: Your dog does not deserve any punishment. Take your time to understand why your dog is barking; and if it becomes uncontrollably, seek a veteran.

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