Where to buy a dog whistle

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Online? Small vs big store? Where can you buy a dog whistle?

Dog whistles are a niche item. It’s not like you see them everyday in your neighborhood convenience store. Where can you buy one? There are actual multiple options and it’s important that you think about what your priorities are.

The most important factor for most people is price. Fortunately, dog whistles are quite inexpensive. Because of this, it doesn’t make much sense to price-shop your various retailers. Don’t forget shipping though if you’re planning to buy online. Some retailers (such as Amazon) offer free shipping over a certain amount (such as twenty five dollars).

Selection might be important, depending on how picky you are. If a whistle is just a whistle to you, then a small store might work for you. But remember, you’ll be using the whistle almost daily probably. Some whistles come in various colors. Some can change their tonality while others can’t. Also some come in a 2 or 4 pack. If you are the type of person who wants to have lots of options, a large online retailer like Amazon might be the best choice for you.

Return policy is important. Remember, some dogs simply don’t like whistles and will refuse to be trained under them. You need to think to yourself though: are you the type of person to return something? Most people find it easier to return something to a bricks and mortar store rather than shipping something back to Amazon. 

Do you care if the staff is helpful? If they’re online, there’s not going to be any interaction with the staff! You’ll need to teach yourself with online websites. On the other hand, if you get to talk to the store owner at a small pet shop, you might be able to get much better advice. Staff at big stores are mixed. Sometimes you get good experience, sometimes the staff is clueless.

Let’s go over your options.

The most obvious choice is Amazon. You can sit in your pajamas, order it and have it in a few days. The selection the store has is amazing. It has a solid return policy as well. Some people don’t like dealing with mega corporations though (especially the followers of a particular politician). Also, you’ll need to wait a few days at the very least before you’ll get your dog whistle. If it’s a pressing matter, you might want to buy it in person.

On the opposite end of the retailing spectrum is a tiny pet store, likely owned by a small entrepreneur. It might cost a little more but some people don’t care. If you want to use a trainer to educate you on how to use your dog whistle, they might have connections.

The next option is a big pet store like Petco or Petsmart. It has the bricks and mortar advantage (no delivery time) but frequently subpar service. Staff might or might not be educated on pet matters.

Last option is a big superstore like Walmart. Staff are likely to not be able to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where’s the best place to buy a dog whistle?

That really depends on personal preference. How do prioritize things like price, selection and service?

Where’s the cheapest place to buy one?

That would be Amazon. But dog whistles are fairly cheap, so you might not save much. Also, if you don’t have Amazon Prime and order under $25, you’ll get charged a shipping and handling fee.

Where’s the place with the best selection?

Definitely Amazon. They have hundreds of whistles to choose from.

Which store has the most knowledgeable staff?

A small pet store.

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