What Makes A Dog Mans (and, Women) Best Friend?

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Most humans know the word dog and that it associates with another name, canine. However, there is probably only a few that know dogs are a mammal in the order Carnivora. If you do not understand what carnovia is, here is an explanation.

Carnivore is any species that is from the mammalian order. Carnivora, or “flesh Devourers” is the true legit meaning in Latin. The dog is a member of this species along with 270 other various creatures.

Somewhere around 15,000 years ago dogs became domesticated. Wolves were the chosen “best friend.” The people chose wolves to train to protect them and their outdoor pets. Fast forward to today, and it’s rare to see a home where there are no dogs as pets.

The domesticated dog made its appearance here in America, and it is thought to have come from somewhere in East Asia, with China it is assumed. As time moved on, dogs are now in hundreds of breeds and cross-bred making it a real degree of distinctions.

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Dogs Can Be Social, Too

Just like humans, dogs are magnificent social creatures. With both having such a substantial similarity to one another and their overall behavior, training a dog works. Right now, somewhere in this big round world, someone is teaching a dog to go outdoors to potty.

However, most large dogs enjoy being in the water outside except when they have to stay still for their bath. Just remember, when you are ready to rinse off a large dog you may want to back away as he shakes the dog shampoo off and get to run.

Somewhere else in this world, is a dog that has specialized and tough training to hunt for dead bodies. Then we have dogs that have unique training working side by side with children. These dogs are the ones that have the discipline to handle kids with autism and other disabilities. Dogs like these save lives on many platforms.

The really cool thing is while these service dogs are “on call” they are just regular family pets and will play and play until the dog and the person wears out. Dogs fit well into social situations and a household full of humans.

People that get really attached to their K9 family member grieves heavily when their pet dies. Pet dogs, for the most part, are friendly, fluffy and full of playfulness. That means the similarity earned dogs, all breeds, the position to engage in interspecies relationships.

Loyalty is Solid with Pet Dogs

The devotion and loyalty dogs display is pure and natural. The truth is, according to the breed, if you take the time when they are young to train them. Nothing is telling the dog that its behavior is non-acceptable.

If you buy a Rottweiler, Pit Bull or any other “wild canine” that you train will either be nice and friendly or a dog that loves to kill. That ball is in your court on how your puppy grows up to be as an adult.

That idea of friendship and love leads people many times to be a bit off on the role each person plays in the family. Love and friendship, or the idea of it, you would think is what leads dogs to do things far from their daily behaviors.

With the dog being domesticated, if its wires get crossed at any point can lead your K9 friend to pull away from the people it loves the most. Each dog knows its parameters, and the approved “does and do not do” winning the role of the family pet instead of “a dog.”

My Dog is Cuter Than your Dog

Dogs differ in many varieties. The appearance will always be the first thing future dog owns notice. Each dog differs in many ways, such as:

  • Weight
  • Function
  • Appearance
  • Size

Some dogs weigh as much as 200 pounds. Those are like the large ones you see people struggling to keep up with them while on a walk.  On the flip side, there are also the ones that weigh only one or two pounds. These are perfect for going on walks with your small pup in one of its Dog Backpack Carriers that you have for its safety outdoors.

The size of each breed varies so much due to its bloodline, and the country where the pup and its owner live and what their laws are. Having a large dog is much more work and a ton more  food, but, fun to love.

Also, depending on the country, there are basically 139 breeds recognized by each country and state. For the role of being a soldier or police offer, their dogs are the“eyes in the back of the head.” Humans while in battle share a loyal and respectful bond with their dog.

There is also a long list of the people saved while out in the field. Dogs have many jobs here in the United States. While most dogs are service animals for disabled citizens needing their assistance, some dogs train to be a raging beast. Moreover, getting jobs with that police department, allows that dog to search and rescue.

When you have dogs that work for the Government, that dog gets paid just like humans get paid. It is true that canines have many jobs in the human society. Different breeds train to do various jobs.

For the ones that have no traditional job, there is a vast amount of dog sports that provide an opportunity. These type jobs are for them to exhibit what they do best along with their natural skills 

Pet dogs typically fit well into an environment and family life. They need attention and care and grooming, feeding, get medical attention when necessary, and to have cleaning time. Most dogs love to roll around in the water, so have a blast with that.

Dogs want and need affection from you, so make time for both of you and mark playtime in on the calendar. You may even have a dog that will pout and sulk if there is never “water play time.”

A dog that is well-mannered has to train correctly. It would help if you had patience because you will need it for every step. Puppies are an entirely different creature than an adult dog. Puppies get tons of attention and affection.

Final Words

There is never a time where causing bodily harm to your dog is ok. Never allow yourself to get a puppy if you are the type that stays gone a lot. Be sure your dog knows its boundaries when other humans are around. Their behavior should be monitored just like your kids.

How your dog behaves is your job. If you teach anger and bitterness, then do not be surprised when the law comes for you. Never mistreat a dog then act surprised when it retaliates and eats your face off. Dogs deserve respect as well.

Get started today on training your dog so that it does not wind up in puppy prison.

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