Using a Remote Trainer: A Beginner’s Guide

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Perhaps you have heard of a remote trainer but you aren’t really sure what they are all about. Also known as an eCollar, a remote trainer will make it easier for you to train your dog. With the press of a button or two, you can teach them useful obedience commands such as “Come, Sit, Heel or Down.”

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can teach your dog to stop nasty habits like destructive chewing, jumping up or chasing. Using a remote trainer can help your dog to overcome these unwanted behaviors.

So basically, a remote trainer is used to reinforce the positives, and to phase out the negatives in your canine companion.

Using the Collar to Remedy Problem Behaviors

Correct timing and consistency are the keys to success. Basically, you are pressing the static correction button the very moment that the dog makes a mistake. The idea is to make him think that his action directly caused the correction. If your corrections are late, he isn’t likely to learn this. Say nothing as you correct your dog, again so that he thinks that HE caused the correction instead of you.

Here is an example of how to use a remote trainer to remedy one common complaint from dog owners.

Jumping Up

Is your dog’s favorite activity jumping up on your houseguests? Here is a quick summary of how you can use a remote trainer to remedy this.

  • Select an appropriate level of static correction intensity for your dog.
  • Approach your dog, and allow him to jump up.
  • The instant that your dog jumps up, press the static correction button.
  • After several corrections, if the dog is unresponsive, raise the intensity by one level.
  • Repeat this process, with other people being the temptation, in several different places.
  • Don’t allow the dog to have a chance to jump up without correcting him until it has been 3 days since he tried to jump up.

*Tip: This method can also be used to stop a dog from jumping up on other things such as fences, patio doors and screen doors.

Beep and Vibration Feature

You may be wondering what the beep and vibration features are all about. These can be used as an alternative to static correction.

For example, you can use vibration as an alternative to a beep, for deaf dog.

After you have trained your dog on a specific command, you can use the beep to reinforce the behavior, much like with clicker training.

Choosing the Best Remote Trainer for Your Dog

The first thing to consider when choosing a remote trainer is the size of the dog. For example, if you have a smaller dog, make sure that the receiver collar is not going to be too heavy for him or her.

If you have a larger dog, it is a good idea to make sure that the remote trainer you choose is going to have enough levels of correction to accommodate a larger and perhaps more strong-willed dog.

If you have a particularly sensitive dog, it is a good idea to make sure that the remote trainer has a beep only, and/or a vibration mode to use as an option.

Extreme Dog Remote Training Collar

We have found a remote trainer that is good for dogs that are both big and small, sensitive and strong-willed. It is called the Extreme Remote Training collar. Here is a little information about it.


The collar is nice and lightweight. Its collar strap can be adjusted to accommodate a big dog or a very small dog. The handheld transmitter is also nice and compact. It fits nicely in the palm of your hand. 


Another reason why it will work for both is that there are 99 levels of correction you can choose from. For a smaller dog, you can choose one of the lower levels, or beep only for that matter. For a larger and more stubborn dog, you can choose a higher level of correction.

Vibration Mode

If your dog is deaf or hard of hearing (or if you prefer the vibration), the Extreme Remote Training collar has 99 levels of vibration to choose from.

Tracking Your Dog

In case you want to train at night, the collar has a white tracking LED that can be turned on and off with the remote. You can also use the beep only mode to hear where your dog is located.

Enhanced Comfort

The contact points that touch your dog’s neck are coated in metal-infused rubber. This makes the collar receiver nice and comfortable for the dog.

As a side note, the collar is 100% waterproof, and fully submersible.


The Extreme Dog Remote Trainer is expandable for up to 3 dogs. You are able to program each collar independently, so that you can choose the appropriate correction level for each dog.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Extreme Dog Remote Trainer comes complete with a 10-Year Warranty and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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