Troubleshooting Problems With Your Wireless Dog Fence

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Owning a dog at home means that you have your favourite pet in your vicinity, and you also have to take care of this new friend. Caring for your dog does not just mean keep it on a leash every day. Your dog should enjoy maximum freedom, healthy foodstuff and proper grooming. Keeping your dog safe from any dangers requires having the best dog fence in your premises.

You may have the best yard in your surroundings, but this does not guarantee your dog will be safe.  Days are gone when traditional fencing was the most effective way of keeping dogs safe. Today, the majority of homeowners and pet owners are embracing wireless dog fences. With the surge in demand for wireless fences, it is easy and recommendable to get the best retractable dog leash at

Why You Need A Wireless Dog Fence-What to Know

There are many benefits of getting the best retractable dog leash in the market, but then again you will be more settled if you ascertain more about wireless dog fences. In essence, it is a great idea to have a dog leash and at the same time install the best wireless dog fence. There are notable benefits that come with this incredible dog protection plan and they include;

Easy to install

Fencing a homestead is not an easy undertaking. It requires a lot of expertise that may break your bank account. The good thing with wireless fences is that there is no expertise needed, and you can do it yourself hassle free. There are also wireless fences manufacturers who offer training to homeowners who want to install such advanced fences.

Exceptionally durable

The entire dog wireless fence gadget is designed in a way that it can last many years without any complications. It comes with both a transmitter and collar receivers that are well-built and will last many years of use. These transmitters are designed in a way that they can resist extreme temperatures and are also water and lightning proof.

Versatile and effective

You don’t have to fret at all if you are planning to install a wireless dog fence. These fences are good for any dog breed. They are designed in a way that they will satisfy all protection needs of your dogs. They also come with no extra structures meaning that your dog cannot scale or climb and escape.


When compared to other home fencing alternatives, wireless dog fences are cost effective. With less expertise required to install and maintain. Wireless fences are also portable meaning you will save extra coins during installation.

Troubleshooting Wireless Dog Fences

With the many benefits associated with installing the best wireless dog fences in the market, there are a number of issues associated with this protection system. You cannot just notice that your wireless fence is not effective and start working on it immediately.

It all starts by figuring where the problem is emanating from and follow the right troubleshooting criteria. If you cannot ascertain the main cause of a failing wireless dog fence, it is wise to seek professional assistance.

There are notable problems associated with wireless dog fences that you should be well-acquainted with all the time. They are;

1. There is no reaction to the static correction

Whenever you notice that your dog is not reacting to static correction, you need to inspect the fence collar as it may not be fitted properly. Your dog is supposed to shy away and scratch its neck if it comes into contact with the static connection if it comes close to the fence boundary.

This issue may also be as a result of changes to the perimeter where your wireless dog fence transmitter is installed. These changes will mess with the wireless fence signal, as well as the fence boundary that safeguards your dog.

The dog may not react to static correction because the correction level settings may have been tampered with. A loved one may have accidentally switched the dog fence gadget to the lowest correction level, let say to level “1” meaning that there is no static correction released but only a beep.

Other issues may be the fact that the fence collar batteries not working, or the transmitter has been accidentally disconnected.

2. Wireless dog fence not emitting an audible beep

The wireless dog fence has to emit an audible beep all the time if working properly. However, if you have to troubleshoot such an issue then it might be as a result of;

  • The collar receiver has been switched off or not working properly.
  • The batteries are not properly charged.
  • The transmitter is not properly connected to a power source.
  • The location of the fence boundary has been tampered with due to signal interference.

Steps To Help Troubleshoot Your Invisible Dog Fence

Once you have identified the several issues making your wireless dog fence ineffective, time to troubleshoot these issues. It is an easy procedure to undertake if you have the expertise to do it yourself. Here are the steps to guide you in your wireless dog fence troubleshooting endeavors;

Step 1

You need to check the wireless dog fence collar. Ensure it is properly fitted as some dog breeds can remove or tamper with the collar with a little pulling and sometimes chewing it. Make sure it is tight enough to emit an electrical shock that will keep your dog within your yard.

Step 2

Adjust the static correction to the recommended levels. The levels may be too low that the dog does not register them when it reaches the yard boundary and tries to escape.

Step 3

Check the ground wire and ensure it is not damaged. In most cases, if the underground wire is broken, the wireless fence units will register an error. Replace the damaged wire and ensure there is a complete circuit and the error indicator does not register a fence wire break.

Step 4

Counter check the entire wireless dog fence gadget and ensure the batteries are working. If they are not fully charged or damaged, replace them immediately.

Step 5

Check the transmitter and ensure that the wires connected to the transmitter jacks are working. If there is a drop in the signal, this is a clear indication that you have to change the wire system. An RF choke can be attached to the transmitter jacks and solve the problem. If you are assertive the system is working correctly, go on and reset the transmitter control to the original settings.

Step 6

If you cannot do it yourself following the best wireless dog fence troubleshooting options, feel free to contact the company that installed the dog protection system. The entire system may be defective and you need professional advice to solve all these woes.

To Sum Up

You don’t need to expose your dog to unnecessary dangers when you have an effective protection plan in mind. As you get the best retractable dog leash, also invest in the best wireless dog fence for maximum safety. There are many wireless fence designs at disposal, and you should go for a design that works effectively, easy to install and maintain. And if the design you have is not working properly, it is advisable to seek professional help.

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