Best Rolled Leather Dog Collars

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Do dogs wear clothes? Occasionally yes (perhaps during the winter…of course something knitted by their dog mom). Usually though, the only thing they are wearing is the collar.

Your dog’s collar is a very important accessory. Not only is it worn pretty much everyday, but it has some important uses. If you and your dog ever get separated, the collar is what will identify your hound. Additionally, you can’t take your hound for a walk without it. 

Leather is a very popular choice because it is durable and looks good. It is comfortable to wear and sustains hits well (with no visible damage). It also is fairly elastic. For an active dog that likes to run in the park and roll around in the yard, leather is the perfect material for a collar.

A rolled collar is great for dogs with long hair. That way their hair doesn’t get matted or tangled.

Here is our selection of the best rolled leather dog collars:

BRONZEDOG Rolled Leather Dog Collar

BRONZEDOG is a pet supplies manufacturer that makes everything from dog leashes to pet beds. There are no less than 6 different sizes for this particular range of collars. They range from 7-8 inches to 19-21 inches. The width is half an inch. This means it can fit dogs of all sizes. 

The collar is made from soft full grain genuine leather with a steel buckle and ring. It can be used daily and/or for special occasions. It is very soft and has secure stitching.

There are multiple colors available. Currently, you can buy one in pink, blue, red, rose, brown, teal and green. It’s really personal preference. Some might want a bright, loud color while others a dark, low profile color. 

A drawback is that it should be dry cleaned only.

Mendota Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Mendota products makes other high quality pet products. This particular one has been selected as an “Amazon’s choice”. It is available in 6 different sizes, from 14 to 24 inch. This dog collar is handcrafted from very good English bridle leather. The roller buckle, center ring and D-Ring is made from solid and high quality brass. This metal is resistant to corrosion and has minimal glare. It’s extra comfortable for long-haired dogs. It is aesthetically pleasing, durable and comfortable. The collar is tanned with hand rubbed edges with true craftsmanship. The quality of leather varies widely and this is of very good make. It does arrives stiff but can be softened. It doesn’t fade like nylon and absorbs less odor and oil than flat leather. It is proudly made in the USA. 

TUGBY Rolled Leather Dog Collar, Strong & Sturdy, All Sizes & Colors

Available in 8 sizes, from 10 to 24 inches. There are three colors: brown, black and chestnut. These colors are “classic” style, but if you want something more stylish you will probably want to buy another brand. It’s quite light at less than 4 ounces.

The leather is strong and sturdy. The metal is stainless steel. It solves the problem of regular flat collars in that long thick hair of dogs no longer irritates the skin.

A protection plan is available to buy at low price. 

Rolled Leather Dog Collars

Collar is a manufacturer that makes everything from (yes, you guessed it) dog collars to aquarium cooling systems. This particular line of leather collars is unique in that they’re all in flashy colors (except for the black one.) So if you want your dog to stand out at the dog park, this is a good brand to choose. However, if you want something more low profile you much want to choose another company.

It is made of specially treated, very soft genuine leather. It is very comfortable to the dog and is perfect for daily use because it is so durable. It will not lose its color in the rain or snow or fade in the sun. Inside is a nylon cord that reinforces the whole structure.

Hamilton Rolled Leather Dog Collar

This line of dog collars comes in 8 sizes, from 12 to 26 inches. There are three colors: black, brown and burgundy. It has the classic American look that looks great in all breeds. The leather is strong and weather resistant. Good to note: the most common complaint was that the collar arrived a bit small. So you can either relax it or be sure to add a few inches to the length when you order it.

Coastal Pet Circle T Oak-Tanned Rolled Leather Dog Collar |

Sometimes its hard to choose which color you want for a dog collar. Coastal Pet Circle makes things easy, it’s only available in one color: black. It will not mat hair.

It is made of good material The leather is full grain and top quality that has not been vegetable tanned.

It has a leather core to ensure that it holds it shape and is sewn together well solidly. This would be a good choice for dogs with long hair or dogs with sensitive skin.

CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar

This collar is quite light. Quite impressively, you can choose from 14 colors. It’s roughly weighs 11 grams but varies depending on the size. This means it won’t tie down your hound. He or she can roll around in the park without a cumbersome piece of equipment around his or her neck. 

The collar is made from soft genuine leather. This particular collar is well suited for long hair breeds. The round shape prevents tangling and hurting the fur of your dog. 

Yes, it is handmade leather! Stylish yet comfortable, it is for both puppies and adult dogs. 

It is less prone to breaking fur. 

Genuine Leather Rolled Dog Collar 

This collar is only available in one color. It is many things: strong and durable, yet stylish and comfortable. You can tell it’s made of high quality genuine leather. The buckle and D-ring are nickel plated. This is great for everyday use and training. No color bleeding from water. This collar can last for years and still be in good shape. However, the metal hardware might give out.

Auburn Leathercrafters Rolled Leather Dog Collar

It has a 30 day warranty. Quality and durability are guaranteed. It has the “rolled” style so fur does not get tangled or matted. It’s made in the USA.

The buckle is nickel-plated with dee ring and smooth capped rivets.

There is a wide selection of colors available – Tan, Red, Black, Burgundy, Pink, Baby Blue, Royal Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Green

WAUDOG Rolled Leather Dog Collars

WAUDOG is a manufacturer of dog collar and leashes. This particular model comes in 8 colors: purple, blue, black, red, orange, yellow, pink, and green. The purple is not as bright as the purple in the pictures.

It is made of genuine leather, and you will notice the quality. It is quite durable and doesn’t fade and has no odor. It is fairly easy to clean. It retains its bright colorization for an extended period of time.

Not only does it not fade in the sun, but it does not rust. It has a metal buckle and D-ring, both of which are made of durable steel with a water resistant coating that protects the collar from rust.

It also has a reinforced nylon layer inside the collar to enhance its structure and preserve its shape. It will not tear and stay bright for a long time. 

This collar can be used for everything from training to grooming to daily walks. It comes in 2 sizes.

Genuine Leather Rolled Dog Collar

The overall length of this dog collar is roughly 22 inches, it is sized to fit a 15.5 – 18.5 neck. There are 5 adjustment holes. It is trimmed with thick waxed thread. The pin buckle is nickel plated and it has a heavy-duty D-ring. The fact that it is rolled makes it a great choice for long haired dogs, as it prevents the matting of their fur. It is great for every day use and training.

There are multiple reasons why this is a great collar. It is strong, very durable, stylish and comfortable. It is made of the best genuine leather.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should I just buy the cheapest collar available?

That would not be wise, for multiple reasons.

It is very likely your will be using the dog collar every day. You need something that is durable and last a long time. If you buy a cheap one that breaks in a few months, you’ll just have to buy a new one. Buying cheap is penny wise pound foolish decision.

Additionally, since it’s for your dog you want to choose something that is comfortable and fits right.

  1. What color is best?

This is strictly personal preference. What you’ll see above is that some brands sort of favor are bright, almost neon coloring that stands out. Other brands go for the “classic look” or black or brown. Dog collars are not very expensive so if you have some spare cash you can buy one of each type. 

  1. Should I buy from Amazon or a “bricks and mortar” pet store?

Personal preference once again, but most factors favor Amazon. If you don’t have a way to measure your dog’s neck, you can go to the pet store and just try it on. But they might only have cloth ones or a limited selection of leather ones. It’ll be more expensive and there won’t be any reviews available. But if you need one immediately, the pet store is the better choice because you won’t have to have it shipped.

  1. The leather collar is stiff. Is there anything I can do to soften it?

This varies on the type of the leather used. Some people have reported soaking it in olive oil for a day helps.

  1. How do I clean the dog collar?

This varies depending on the collar. Check for any instructions that came with the collar. If there’s none you might want to play it safe and get it dry cleaned.

So there you have it. Rolled leather dog collars are great accessories, especially for dogs with long hair. There are a couple parameters you should pay attention to when buying one. Don’t buy the least expensive collar available. We recommend Amazon. 

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