How Wireless Dog Fence Works – Mechanism of Action

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We have engaged in some discussions concerning the dog fences, but we never tackled how the wireless dog fence works. It will be of great pleasure to feed you with the right information that you are keen to receive.

A significant number of us mostly fail to remember that when you learn enough of something, you increase the chances of becoming an expert. Who doesn’t want to be one? If you know, you know. So, how the wireless dog fence works is tied to the mechanism of action; including some bit of training.

Now, digging further, a wireless pet containment system has two major parts; the receiver and the transmitter. You wish to know how this two inter-mingle? Let’s find out together. Thanks to the modern technology for making it possible to keep your pet safely within your boundary without erecting tall fences.

wireless pet fence

It feels like some magic, but surprise, it’s happening in real-time. Unlike other invisible pet containment systems like the inground dog fence system that involves burying the wire, a wireless technology doesn’t have too much of a hassle. With the receiver and the transmitter, a simple installation will solve all your problems.

Once you purchase the whole kit, you are close to making it work in less than a day. Let’s now break down the entire process for you.

First, you need to plug the transmitter into a power source. The primary objective of this step is to power the system and provide a radio signal frequency within a given radius. Since this gadget is renowned for creating circular boundaries, it will do so depending on the size of the range. Later, you can decide to adjust the boundary size on the transmitter end based on the area you wish to be effective. The area within which your pet should be contained is regarded as the safe zone.

Different brands or designs have varied radio signal intensities; and this is the reason why there are many brands out there, so you don’t have to tense up. The most important thing you need to know about the transmitter; it is the one responsible for relaying electric signal whenever your pup crosses the boundary. But before that, it will send a beep warning to alert your canine companion that it is time to return. Even though the shock is not as painful, it will startle them and divert their attention.

There is no much for the receiver collar; however, it is essential to understand the technologies used in the success of your chosen wireless pet containment system.

These collar compartments come with the receiver, and its significant role is giving the correction remedy to your pet whenever the set rules have been violated. What are the rules in this case? Getting closer or crossing the imaginary boundary line. The transmission will be relayed from the transmitter which must be ‘live’ on the central point.

Once you set your parameter to allow your dog only to have access of half an acre from the transmitter, From most manufacturers, the boundary line could range between 1/2 acre to 3 acres. This is enough playground for maximum utilization. Apparently, your dog need not be hasty to reach out to the neighborhood or interfere with your activities in your surrounding.

Most designs come with a single collar; however, you may find others having more than one collar. This goes for anyone wishing to contain more than one dog and do now want to incur more cost on their budgeting. However, if you feel your planning is not comprehended, you can buy extra collars, either to act as spare or to be used by more than one dog.

The Training Process

You will not wake up one morning and find your pup conforming to your containment system. There are procedures for every event on the trail. But you are lucky that specific containment systems come with a user manual for the connection and step-by-step partial training for your dog. If you are fortunate to find an intelligent dog like the chihuahuas or the German shepherd, then it won’t be a bad idea, but you should be able to put up with its aggressiveness. However, the Chihuahua is less aggressive which makes them more of pets than home soldiers.

First of all, you will need to set boundaries using training flags. Make sure these flags indicate the containment boundary so that they can create the visual impression to your dog that something is happening. Afterwards, make your dog wear the collar, but do not activate the electrical signalling. This is to familiarize the dog with the available parameters. Walk your dog, while on the leash, approach the fence-line and move along the perimeter of the invisible fence. At this hour, activate the voice signal and whenever it beeps, take your dog off the boundary. During this period, reward your dog with treats every time he obeys the beep. While your dog gets familiar with the signal, you can now activate the electric signal. Note: the dog must be aware of the boundary before activating the electric shock.

If your dog mastered the containment system, it is essential, though not mandatory, to introduce a distraction like another dog or anything your dog finds amusing and is most likely to violate the rules. You should take off the leash when your dog is on the positive side of training.

What you need to know before time lapse

The wireless fence does not keep people or other animals from entering your yard

You must provide a 240V outlet for stable power connection

Since the system involves an audio signal warning, you should ensure the environment will not counter any transmission. Events like; narrow properties, terrain challenges and heavily wooded areas are the central obstruction for vulnerability

You should also not activate the system indoor since it will be subjected to wring implication from household appliances

There must be a warranty for any wireless pet containment system to keep in mind

You should monitor your dog’s behavior and response to growling and aggressiveness during training to know the correct remedy to curb the situation before it invokes an attack

Some customers may give a negative reaction about their experience with the containment system due to a misunderstanding of insulation or incorrect signalling to their pets

Final Word

The above constitutes the various ways you can instill understanding to your dog about the ideal pet containment system. This should work with any dog breed.

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