How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost? A Complete Guideline

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How Much Does Dog Grooming CostIf you think providing food for your dogs is enough for proper breeding, you are wrong. Owning these pets entail a lot more than spending for their treats, cages, toys, and medical check-ups. Just like humans, they also need to be hygienic and free of health issues. Otherwise, can you imagine yourself cuddling with dogs that have so many lice, fleas, ticks, and mites? If not, always find time to groom your pets. However, you have to remember that this kind of service is not free of charge. Now you have a question: how much does dog grooming cost? Am I right? So read on and be familiar with how groomers price their services.

How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost As One-time Expenditure?

There are two options for you to decide on grooming your pet dogs. One of which is to buy all the necessary equipment and groom your dogs by yourself at home. If you choose to do this, your one-time expenses will be as follow:

  • Wash Basins – This equipment will allow you to save water when having your dogs groomed. The lowest price is $7.50 while the highest is $80.63. Prices vary on the sizes and designs of the wash basins.
  • Towels – After bathing your pet dogs, you have to wipe their bodies with clean and dry towels. And these will cost you $9.99 to $14.99 in PetCo. However, at, towels for pets are sold at $0.99 to $15, depending on their sizes.
  • Nail Clippers – You will not like how it hurts when you get scratched by your dogs’ long nails. So trimming them is indeed necessary. In Amazon, nail clippers are between the prices of $5.98 and $22.99, varying on how big you need for your pets’ nails.
  • Brushes – Hand-brushing cannot guarantee that all the dirt and parasites in your dogs are removed. So it is essential to buy brushes, especially for hairy dogs. In Amazon, brushes cost from $7.99 to $17.99.
  • Gloves (Optional) – Aside from they help clean the bodies of your dogs, they also serve as your protection from parasites. Moreover, it can avoid your nails from hitting your pets when bathing them. Prices in PetCo and Amazon range from $9.99 to $12.99, depending on the designs.
  • Pet Grooming Scissors (Optional) – These only apply to long-haired dog breeds such as Shih Tzu, Maltese, etc. Grooming Scissors at can be bought for as low as $0.85.
  • Blow Dryers (Optional) – When towels alone cannot completely dry your dogs’ hair and body, use blow dryers. These are more convenient for long-haired dogs. At $4.19, you can already buy a mini blow dryer at

How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost As Ongoing Expenses?

Deciding to groom your dogs at home can also cause you recurring expenses. One item of expenditure is the shampoo. Depending on your dogs’ hair, you will spend at least $1.99 for a 2-fluid-ounce shampoo in PetSmart. However, if you need a bigger amount of hair cleanser, the same store sells a 32-fluid-ounce anti-bacterial shampoo for only $29.99.

Another grooming item to spend for is the toothpaste of your pet dogs. They need that to maintain an odour-less breath especially that there are owners who usually kiss their dogs. In PetSmart, a 2.5-fluid-ounce toothpaste costs $2.31.

If toothpaste is needed, toothbrushes also play an essential role in keeping your dogs’ teeth clean and healthy. However, you have to consider if your pets have sensitive gums and cannot tolerate hard toothbrushes, unlike humans. PetSmart also priced these at $3.99 to $5.99.

How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost From Service Provider?

The other option for grooming a pet is entrusting the service to facilities that provide a complete grooming package. If you think buying the necessary things for grooming pets at home is more expensive than going to a pet salon, this is your best resort.

In PetSmart, the basic package which includes bathing, hair trimming, and extra pampering would cost $46 to $148. The price depends on how small or big your dogs are. The package also consists of ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and anal gland cleaning.

For long-haired dogs, PetSmart provides a package where moisturising the silky and soft fur is included. It costs $50 to $152, depending on how long the hair of your pets is. This package already includes nail trimming, ear cleaning, and application of specialised shampoo and conditioner.

If you want your dogs to be given attention on their coats, the package costs $45 to $146. This service helps in reducing the shedding of your pets’ fur. Moreover, this includes an application of deshedding solution called FURminator.

However, if your sole purpose is to have your pets a bath and haircut, the same store also has services for those at $29 to $131. These include 15 minutes of brushing and sanitary trimming.

There are a lot more grooming packages in PetSmart that require you to contact the store for pricing. Also, you have to identify what your dogs need for you to reduce possible expenses.

Factors to Consider when Budgeting for Dog Grooming

Dog grooming prices are not always stable. There are various reasons why these prices go up and down. And these include:

  • Breed – A variety of dog breeds is known for having long hair that makes them extra-expensive not just in buying the dog itself but for grooming purposes. Long hair entails extra-amount of shampoo to use, resulting to an increase in the cost of grooming service.
  • Size – You have to consider the fact that the bigger your dogs are, the more expensive they become to groom. They need more effort and time to be cleaned. Also, extra-shampoos or conditioners are required to cover their big bodies.
  • Location – Whether you resort to home-based grooming or you go to a salon, the cost of living will always affect. Especially if you do not have grooming facilities near you, transportation cost may also affect the budget for your pets’ grooming.

Tips Before Getting Your Dogs Groomed

Buy the necessary things only. If you are short of budget and you want to groom your pets by yourself, get rid of buying unimportant stuff. Use alternatives as much as you can. For example, some gloves can also be used as brushes.

It is important also that you know how your dogs react to water and soap during grooming. If they become aggressive when getting brushed or poured with water, you will need some help. While you clean your pets, there should be someone distracting their attention or playing with them.

Only apply softly to moderate touches when cleaning your dogs. Clean their ears, fur, and body with gentle care. More than because of grooming them, your pets can feel loved because of your soft and relaxing touches.

Groom, your dogs, at least once every four or six weeks. This way, you can ensure that your dogs are clean as you cuddle them. Avoid forgetting that they also need to feel fresh by following this pattern. If you have dog barking problem find anti bark device reviews here.


Dogs also need to be treated like humans regarding feeding, breeding, and grooming. They have needs that responsible owners should pay attention to. Ensuring that your pets are always clean is a clear manifestation of how you love them.

There can be a lot of ways to show care and love for your dogs. But you must never forget that grooming them is no less than what they need.

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