How To Get Rid Of Your Dog’s Aggressive Behavior

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get rid of your dog’s aggressive behavior

Dogs are very loyal and lovable animal to its owner. To save his master from any incidents, he can sacrifice his lives too. Who won’t love such kinds of pet? That’s why we love and nurture them just like our kids sometimes.

If you can discover some strange attitude like attacking or barking unnecessarily in his behavior, it’s not a good sign at all. This is the most serious problem ever faced by dog owners to his dog.  You don’t need to worry about that. Excessive aggression can be controlled in various ways. To control their undesirable tendencies, you should know how to get rid of your dog’s behavior. Following suggestion may help you widely to avoid this problem.

Reasons behind dog’s aggression

Before you want to bring a positive change in your pet’s attitude, you should definitely know the constant reasons behind it. That’s why your time and attention is most demanded weapon for it. Patiently, you need to observe your dog and continuously analysis his activities. Let’s know the particular reasons why they do this mischief.

1. Depression:

Depression can be a vital reason behind the unexpected aggression of a dog. Now you can ask me why a dog will face frustration. Well. They also can suffer from frustration. For an example, if they want to interact with other dogs but he is not able to do that. Or he gets punished for subtle reasons frequently. That can trigger his motivation to cause barking or attacking you or any stranger. That’s how frustration can grow slowly inside him and at once he might show it suddenly.

2. Fear:

Fear is another factor can build up the basement of it on your dog’s mind. If he is threatened by anybody, he may adopt a fearful attitude.

For an example, when kids or any stranger try to poke him or play with his tail or face, he gets irritated and afraid too. Next time, if one of those people or others tries to get close to him, he began barking and in some cases attacks them fiercely.

3. Punishment:

Punishment is one of the most significant reasons to motivate dogs to reach aggression level. If he gets punished always, why should he obey you? He just needs your deep acre and constant attention.

For an example, if your dog wants to play with a toy and you get him rebuked or beat him rudely. That can drive him crazy to feel insecure with you and develop an unsocial behavior in him. That will gradually teach him to be aggressive.

4. Sickness:

Maybe your dog is not getting proper care of you. Or somehow he gets hidden wound. Out of illness, he may growl or build up an aggressive attitude. If he has been struggling with his wound for a long time, it can lead him to feel discomfort.

When this unusual restlessness increases day by day and being unnoticed by you, a rebellious attitude can grow in him. That’s another potential reason behind his level of aggression.

5. Lack of socialization:

If your dog feels discomfort in a crowd, he may have insufficient socialization. He should get along with the presence of sudden meeting of unknown person or place. Otherwise, he won’t react to your command.

How to prevent aggression:

If you own a dog, it’s your huge responsibility to query about his health and activities most. Have you ever noticed any small change in his regular behavior? Whether he is acting more stressed and scared or not? The key power has within you to make him obey your every order or command.

Your high level of evaluation with much patience and care can make this difficult task easier for you. If you are ready to spare sometime of yours for your dog’s correction, it will be helpful and effective for you and all. Here I have listed some guideline to make your dog obedient and get rid of his aggression. Just have a look on that.

1. Remove his motivation out of his sight:

Some certain factor encourages him to bark or attack people fiercely. As his owner, your job is to reduce the incentive source as soon as possible. For an example, if he gets furious seeing any passerby walking outside, you can take him inside of your room. Or if he reacts on touching his nose, neck or other sensitive parts of his body, you should not do it twice. If you continue to do so, you can’t make him learn social behavior.

2. Keep him busy with a particular task:

This is another potential technique you can follow to calm your dog’s aggression. Make him focus on some certain things as like as playing with his toys or feeding his favorite dishes. This will make his mind busy and calm.

3. Discourage his aggression gently:

When your dog starts making irritable behavior, do not punish him. Just have some patience. That doesn’t mean that you should encourage his unruly attitude. I am just trying to say you must bring a correction to his behavior without being too much rude to him.

Suppose, you are going outside with your lovable dog, suddenly he becomes aggressive seeing any crowd or any stranger. Just hold the leash slightly to send him this message that you don’t allow it. Or, when he tries to do something unusual, you must pretend to avoid him. This may develop a sense in his mind that you are not going to approve his rude attitude.

4. Make him learn to identify your signals:

You should train your pet each and every signal of command you try to make him understand. Gradually he will understand every command of yours such as pulling the leash, loud speaking voice or your special eye contact. Once he gets habituated with those signals, he will realize instantly what you try to explain him.

Sometimes, you can deliver him voice command. ‘’Come’’, ‘’Stop’’, ‘’Go’’ you can use this word as your voice command. To teach him to respond quickly to your order, you can follow a technique I am going to share with you.

Take him in a calm place with you and let him roam around the place. Then by calling his name command him ’’come’’. When he moves a few steps toward you, encourage him to run more legging behind few more steps from him. Once your dog interacts with you, give him a treat as a gift.

5. Socialize your puppy:

If you try to socialize your dog, it will help him a lot to face a crowd like humans or other dogs. Take him with you in any public place or park. Let him mix with other pets. Hopefully, this interaction will develop a sense into him.

If you have more dogs apart from it, let him mingle with them happily. Make sure he is under your observation.  Next, when you will take him with you in any crowd, he will react normally.

6. Apply desensitization formula:

Basically, desensitization is a system to let your dog struggle with his fear. With this method, he will get habituated with this particular trigger. It ensures that he won’t become so excited about it anymore. It will take some time to happen.

When he will succeed to combat the fear which provokes him to be aggressive, you can reward him for it. This will create a pleasure in him and you may get your calm and lovely dog again.

7. An attitude like a leader:

When your puppy has a face to face aggression for dominance, you can take a lead to stop them. He may have expectation from you to interrupt in between this invasion.

If you stop them and make a proper solution, he might think you as a trustworthy or reliable leader. Later, he will listen to your every command. That’s another tricky way to handle him and stop his aggression.

8. Be cool and have patience:

Maybe your dog was calm and sweet once. For whatever the reason is you are not getting your same dog now. It’s quite normal to lose your patience seeing the rapid change in his behavior. In terms of that, I will suggest you be patient. If you lose your temper and scream at him, he will get more furious.

Your loud voice or attacking attitude can provoke your dog to be more aggressive. That’s why you should control the situation being a bit of tricky. Make sure you are in a safe zone. Nevertheless, your safety is also necessary. Otherwise, he can attack you in a fit of wrath.

Try to find out what is instigating him to be excited and act rudely. His violation may reduce in a level by removing the provoking elements that make him roar with violence.

9. Make him happy with his favorite dishes:

A hungry dog may attack others even in his master losing the control over himself. His aggressive state of mind may reduce when you treat him with delicious foods he likes. That’s why you need to know what are his favorite meals or dishes. Grab a plate full of tasty foods and provide him. You will see he will happily take it forgetting the aggression. That’s another useful method to get rid of his aggressive behavior.

10. Physical exercise:

Exercise can play a vital role in terms of aggression. The attacking tendency slowly grows in him can be cured by regular exercise. It makes him feel fresh both physically and psychologically. His frustration, insecurity, and fear may lose the intensity by making regular workouts.

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11. Leash your pup:

If you fail to manage his aggression, this is another way to make him stop. Leashing him will handle the matter from getting worsened. Thus he can’t attack stranger or any dogs. You can manage it by self. Make sure you are handling it gently.

Your dog shouldn’t get hurt in any way. When he gets on attacking mood, pull the leash slightly to give him a signal to stop. When he is calm, you can get him rewards for good attitudes. That is how he will be more enthusiastic to obey you.

12. Wear him muzzle:

Whenever you are visiting outside with your dog, you can make him wear muzzle instead of a leash. A basket-shaped muzzle will be better for him to puff and drink easily. You can feed him too by using it. This protective element can make an excellent guard against biting others.

You can follow some techniques to wear it. You can fill the muzzle with his favorite dishes. When he will receive it, just hold it tightly. After a certain time, he will accept it easily.

13. Consult with veterinarian or dog trainer:

Sometimes things go out of control. If your desperate hard work never works anymore, you should meet with professionals. They can understand the underlying facts behind aggression. Only experts can help you in this case. To maximize the chances of being a successful dog owner, it is absolutely a great idea to follow. He can direct you to learn more comprehensive ideas for identifying the key reasons for dog’s aggression.


Aggression is a common but fearful factor for every dog master. Sooner or later every dog owner will have to face this issue. Several reasons are underlying in this rude manner of your puppy as I mentioned thoroughly in this article. Whatever the root cause is, need to get in a touch of proper solution.

Most people get worried about noticing a sudden change in their pet’s attitude. It’s very natural to feel like so. I would suggest you to never punish your lovable dog because it can fuel him towards more aggression. We have explained in details about how to get rid of your dog’s aggressive behavior in this article. Hopefully, it will help you a lot to solve this problem.

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