Garmin Delta XC Review and Buying Guide : Dog Training Bundle Device

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Dogs are very loyal and love worthy animal for every pet owners. Most dog owners find it hard to train the dogs easily without dog training collars. Garmin Delta dog training collar is the best-suited collar in every aspect for your puppy to handle nicely. After making whole research, we can recommend you that this collar is undoubtedly durable, reliable and sturdy enough for your convenience. Moreover, we need to make this Garmin Delta XC review to let you inform the in-depth details about this necessary manufacturer. Without making further ado, let’s know about it in details.

Garmin Delta XC review: Dog Training Bundle Device

If you want to have the best dog training collar without any hassle, this authentic Garmin DELTA XC review will definitely suit your demands for sure. In this product review, we have gathered the welcome features included with the collar. Now you can ask us how we can make you ease with our words. Your question is natural indeed. For your concern, we want to let you know the answer.

When we decide to write this product review, we have taken the helpful views from the genuine users who have used the product in real life. Hence, we can make a proceed with the review.

Features of Garmin Delta Dog Training collar:

Quality dog training collars are your paramount priority when you own a dog. Garmin Delta collar has developed many unique features with the affordable price range for you. Here we want to highlight those features for you.

Garmin Delta XC reviews

Simple, Safe and effective:

Garmin Delta dog training collar offers high-quality materials that are highly safe for your dog. Delta is thoughtfully designed to offer you the best opportunities that you are longing for. However, you can easily switch between the training outline with the easygoing LCD device and effective side buttons. This dog training device is highly optimized that works great on all puppies’. The effective range of the collar is up to ½ mi.

3 outstanding training configuration:

Garmin Delta collar includes 3 effective training configurations. With this function, you can choose the best training option for your breeds. It features the mechanism of maintaining 3 dogs with its additional dog device. The best part of this dog collar is you can randomly select training operation process based on your dog’s temperament and easily switch between the devices. There is a transmitter that had an efficient button to cycle through the color codes as each collar is beautifully set up to a particular color code. You can handle more dogs at once with this dog training collar

Sturdy, durable and waterproof device:

Delta features with the lithium-ion battery that ensures long lasting service for you. The waterproof and tough design saves the device from getting damaged in touch with water.

Collar design:

Garmin DELTA collar unit is smaller than other dog training collars. It weighs 2.4 oz. This lightweight makes the collar suitable for small dogs. This collar model is capable enough for large working breeds too. You can charge the collar fully in just 2 hours.

Transmitter design:

The DELTA XC offers an LCD display associated with the transmitter. The benefits you can find from the display are that it shows you the button configuration, battery life of the transmitter.

Stimulation model:

Garmin has introduced the Delta stimulation model with everyone. Dogs may not be seen to respond to the high level of stimulation sometimes. This product might be too sturdy for your puppy. The top end is suitable for your dog out of a Tri-Tronics system. You won’t have to face any issues related to the stimulation fact with dogs.

It is easy to handle the stimulation level of your Garmin DELTA XC using new button feature. You just need to press the side button and increase or decrease the level that suits your needs. When you need a quick change in the excitement level, this newly added feature will help you do this easily in a very short time.

DELTA dog training collar fits as 8lbs on little dogs neck

The DELTA is considered to be the smallest collar compared to the other category in the range. It fits a small dog with 8 pounds suitably without making any hassle. The collar is lightweight with 1.9 cm collar strap.

The best part of this collar is you can handle multi-dog using this collar system.

Garmin DELTA XC collar transmitter:

The DELTA XC offers a marvelous LCD screen for your convenience. You can comfortably know about the stimulation level, battery life, and configuration with the screen’s activity.

There are no dial options available on the DELTA units as Garmin designers don’t prefer it. You can actively change the models and levels with the keys. You have to turn on the transmitter using the key.

Single handed operation:

The DELTA XC units are designed with judiciary thoughts for one-handed operation. You can access each and every button comfortably. You can manage multiple tasks such as changing stimulation level, configurations, and dog selection in this one-handed transmitter mechanism.

Multiple dog controlling system:

When you have two or three dogs, it seems very difficult to handle them in a single hand. You might be in a dilemma how to control all of them comfortably in a trouble-free way.  No need to worry about that anymore.

This unbiased Garmin DELTA XC review is there for you to decrease your tension. The collar offers you the systematic option of setting multiple dogs at a time with a special transmitter. This dog training collar unit provides you the flexible option to choose a one dog unit. A two dog unit as well as a three dog unit too. If you don’t own multi dogs, you can ignore the option as per your choice. You are always welcome in using second and third dog options when you want to add more dogs down the road.


The DELTA XC unit provides you an on/off button on the transmitter that’s why you need not to worry about that. You need active battery life to run the system perfectly.  You can’t say how many times you need to turn on/off the button. Garmin defines the DELTA XC collar and transmitter battery life at 60 hours.

There is a light in front of the collar indicating the battery power of the collar. When green color appears before you, the battery is fully charged. Red color indicated the dead while yellow shows it needs more charge.

It takes about two hours to charge the dead battery of the collar and transmitter both. Its better you charge them both at the same time.


  • Built-in bark collar prevents other dogs from growling when you intend to train another dog.
  • Decent battery life makes the device active and ensures the best service.
  • Garmin DELTA units provide one year warranty of the service. If you don’t like the parts and accessories at all, you can replace them within a year.
  • You can switch back and control the training system with a remote available with this dog training collar.
  • Multiple dog training set up function ensures hassle-free maintenance of two or three dogs at a time.


  • Automatic bark collar can give shocks suddenly.
  • While using this device, you need to keep caring concern to the dogs that have habits of chewing things naturally. It may be dangerous for them.


Yes, the unit does have a charger indeed.

Thanks for your curiosity t know. I think you don’t have to increase or decrease the volume and vibration level with this E-collar mechanism. It has already provided adjustable units tone and vibration associated with the collar system.

Thanks for your nice question. Yes, you can certainly control them because Garmin engineers have artistically designed the DELTA collar with this reliable technology and configuration to handle more dogs at a time. But it works well on one dog for sure at a time. Thanks for reading the whole Garmin DELTA XC review with patients.

Final verdict

By this time you have come to know about the Garmin DELTA XC review with the sublime features, those are best suited for your demand and needs. Definitely, you want to buy something that will serve you for years with best features and specifications. The advantage and disadvantage we have recommended for you in this review won’t make you disappoint anyway. The DELTA XC product is undoubtedly dependable dog training collar. Hopefully, this Garmin DELTA XC review will remove your confusions as well as make you delight with the best service. So, Drop your hesitations and buy the best one based on the preference we have drawn here for you.

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