Best door mats for dogs

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Let’s face it: dogs are dirty creatures. They love running around in a park or yard and rolling around. They are constantly bring in dirt from the outside. It may feel like an arduous task to keep a house clean. You can bet it’s worse when there’s heavy rain. I’m not sure what’s worse, muddy paw prints in the living room or ruined carpets. 

Doormats for dogs are become increasingly popular these days because of this pet care situation. After all, cleaning gets tiring after awhile. Most people don’t have the time to be moping or sweeping multiple times a day. Cleaning muddy paws is especially tedious and time consuming. A good absorbent mat can get rid of the rain and mud easily by removing them from a dog’s paws. They’re also great for dog water bowls if your dog likes to slurp.

There’s lots of mats out there, here are our top choices.

Best Door Mats

Comparison Chart

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Gorilla Grip All-Season WeatherMax Doormat, Durable Natural Rubber, Stain and Fade Resistant, Low Profile, Indoor Outdoor Door Mats, Easy Clean Patio Entrance Mat, 17×29, Stone Paws
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Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Microfiber Doormat, Super Absorbent Machine Washable with Non-Slip Backing, Large, Grey
71nsUrs8o6L. SL500
BEAU JARDIN Indoor Doormat Super Absorbent Mud Front Door Mat 47″x28″ Large Latex Backing Non Slip for Front Inside Dirt Trapper Mats Cotton Entrance Rug Shoes Scraper Machine Washable Rug BG094
EXPAWLORER Dog Rug Runner for Muddy Paws Dirty Dogs, 30-Inch by 60-Inch, Microfiber Absorbent Pet Doormat Washable Door Mat for Floors, Brown
31 pc8SV73L. SL500
Furhaven Pet Bed Mat for Dogs and Cats – Muddy Paws Absorbent Chenille Shammy Bath Towel and Food Mat Rug, Charcoal (Gray), Runner

Gorilla Grip Original Durable Rubber Door Mat

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Most mats are made of recycled materials (of mixed quality). This is because its cheaper than better materials. This mat is made from 100% high quality, all-natural rubber. You can tell just by holding it how high quality it is. A lot of time was spent designing the mat. Materials were chosen to be strong and durable, but also soft and flexible. Versatility is key. Polypropylene fabric is woven and comes in fashionable colors and patterns to suit any household. Some people want a low profile grey or black while others a louder, brighter color. These mats can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. Think about sending one as a Christmas or birthday gift! The house owners will be thankful.

The design of this mat is excellent. The rubber border forms a dam to retain and trap moisture and mud (or any other debris) from going into your home.  The raised polypropylene fabric traps dirt within the groove and dries quickly to prevent wear and tear.

Also, unlike its competitors, the mat is not bulky at all. It is a quarter of inch: slim and low-profile. This is perfect for low clearing doors and entryways. It’d be horrible to buy a mat and not have your door be able to close above it. It’s not bland either. There are over a dozen stylish patterns (with varied colors) available, so you can buy a mat for any location (including your front door, indoors, your office, a patio or your garage.

Even better, upkeep is quite easy. You can clean it with a hand held vacuum, sweep it with a broom or even just shake it off into the garbage bin. Every so often, for a more thorough clean you should wipe it with a damp cloth and soap, or use a garden hose outside. Be sure to allow it to fully air dry before putting it back. Definitely don’t bleach it.

Each mat comes with a 10-year no question asked warranty. This is a full decade and best in its class. 

Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat

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This doormat is quite absorbent, which is exactly what you should be looking for in a mat.  It has a GSM absorption rate of 3000 that is much higher than rivals with a GSM absorption rate of 900 to 1500. It prevents skidding and movement and even has the heavy “Gripper Non-Skid” label. It’s made with a double basting. You can tell the stitching is made for durability. It’s also quite fast drying, the microfiber allows it to dry five times as fast as regular door mats. This is great as you probably don’t want a soggy mat for days. It is 35 x 26 inches and is machine washable. There are 3 other sizes so you can choose the best one that fits. 

This doormat absorbs everything! Water, mud and dirt. Your floors will  finally be clean and dry. Thousands of microfiber strands will absorb the liquids and be very absorbent. 

Microfiber sounds prickly like a pine tree but the mat is actually plush and soft. 

You can use it more than just around your door. The mat can be used in cars and under water and food bowls. 

Making cleaning it easy, it’s also machine washable.

The mat is finished with Repelz-it nano technology. This is a big advantage. The finishing prevents dirt, liquids and natural oil in your dog’s coat from sticking to the mat. It also has a cutting edge bacteriostatic, which stops or slows down the growth of some odor-causing pathogens.

So you might be thinking: Who is Dog Gone Smart? The company was founded in 2006, meaning the’ve been in existence for over 10 years. This is good to hear as there are many fly-by-night companies selling on the internet. Dog Gone Smart has stayed in business by making quality products. Their goal is to make pet keeping more fun with less work. It’s a small family owned business located in Norwalk, Connecticut. Its products are sold in 42 countries. A portion of its surplus income is donated to animal shelters and animal rescue groups in the United States.

Indoor Doormat Super Absorbs Mud Mat

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This is a very absorbent and washable rug.  You don’t even have to wipe your feet, just step on it with your feet. Things like water, dust, dirt, grit slush, mud, sleet, rain, snow and grass can be removed immediately. This can be quite a relief, especially if you just washed or swept your floors. 

There are 3 current sizes available and 8 colors, varying from pink to brownish tan. The variety in colors is great for someone interested in home decorating. It’s heavy duty and often used as an entrance rug. If you need it in a different size, it can be cut.

It has a non-slip latex backing, so it will be securely on your floor. This helps prevent people from falling. It’s low to the ground so doors won’t get stuck trying to cross it. 

This rug is very easy to clean. You can just put it in a washing machine or rinse it down with a hose outside. 

 If you’re going to use a washing machine, use cold water on a low agitation cycle and don’t use a fabric softener. A tip that might come in handy is to vacuum the door mat before washing because there might be some shedding of fibers during a wash. Also, it’s recommended that if you’re using a community washing machine (such as a laundromat) to use a large machine. You don’t want to clog it from the shedded fibers.

This  mat is 55% cotton and 45% Polyester. The backing is 100% latex.

This doormat for dogs is recommended for indoors only.

EXPAWLORER Dog Doormat for Dirty Dogs


The surface is made from microfiber. It is of excellent quality and thus can absorb liquids very well. Dogs love brining in mud, dirt and other undesirable material and this mat is great at stopping it form getting in your house. It also dries quite quickly so you’re not stuck with a soggy and smelly mat for weeks.

The backing is heavy with a non-skid grip power. This provides stability and helps people and animals from slipping and falling. 

This is best placed in a doorway, but another use of this mat is as a dog bath mat. 

Fortunately this mat is easily cleaned. It can be washed in washing machine, just use cold water with a light amount of detergent. Set the tumble setting to low and definitely do not use bleach, dry sheets, fabric softeners. Also, don’t iron it or take it to the dry cleaners. 

This mat comes in 3 sizes. The color choice isn’t great (brown or grey). If you’re looking for more color selection, you’d be best with choosing another brand. 

There’s a metric called the GSM absorption rate, and this mat has a 3000 rating, which is much higher than average. It can even soak many times its weight.

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Mat

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The Furhaven mat was designed to not only absorb water and moisture, but also trap pet debris such as rocks and grass. Another use is putting it under your pet’s food bowl so they don’t make a mess while eating.

The microfibers create a soft surface that is comfortable for pets. The material is definitely snuggly soft. It can even be used as a towel for wet puppies! Some dogs like to sleep on a surface and this can be used as a bed. This is a great feature of the product (because it can be used for so many things.)

Some people like to keep their car super clean. This mat can be of excellent use for that. You can put it on the backseat, trunk or floor and keep it dirt/mud/water free.

It comes in no less than 7 sizes and 20 colors. Find one that fits best for your style and dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you buy one?

You can definitely buy door mats for dogs in stores. Check pet stores or a large discount retailer like Wal mart. There are advantages to doing it this way. You can return the item easily if you don’t like it and you can touch and feel the material.

However, there is one big drawback. The selection will be quite limited. This is especially an issue for those who want to be able to choose from a selection of colors. This is why we have recommended buying from Amazon. 

What is a dog mat made of? 

This really depends on the mat. Some are of micro fiber, while others are of cotton and/or polyester. Often there is a rubber layer underneath to prevent slipping.

Is there a warranty?

Sometimes there is a warranty, there’s even one listed on this page that last for ten years. If this is important to you be sure to find if the one you are looking at has one.

How do I clean my mat?

We didn’t list any here that need to be dry cleaned or another difficult cleaning procedure. Be sure to check the instructions. Often they can just be machine washed. A few you can just rinse off with a garden hose. 

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