Best Dog Leash for Running

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Dogs are wonderful creatures but it takes some work to be a good dog owner. One important thing is to make sure they get enough exercise. Otherwise, they will start behaving badly and even sometimes destroy objects in your home.

Running can be an excellent exercise. They’ll spend their excess energy and get rid of stress. When they return home, they’ll be exhausted and ready for a nap. Additionally, it’s a good bonding for exercise.

There will be numerous benefits for you. Running will be a great way to stay in shape. Of course, this will depend on how fast you go and how far. Having a dog to run with can be great for motivation. Often when you try to form and keep a habit like regular exercise, they’ll be off days when you just want to stay home. Often your dog will get you out running. This comes with all the benefits: losing calories, strengthening your muscles, improve your cardiovascular system and joints. Just be sure you have the minimal running equipment at least, starting with a good pair of running shoes and pants.

That being said, you’ll also need proper equipment for your dog. Running hard without this will be dangerous to both you and your pet. With a correctly designed leash, your dog will be able to run fast and freely while staying safe.

Best Dog Leashes

Comparison Chart

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SHINE HAI Retractable Hands Free Dog Leash with Dual Bungees for Dogs up to 150lbs, Adjustable Waist Belt, Reflective Stitching Leash for Running Walking Hiking Jogging Biking
EzyDog ZERO SHOCK Leash – Best Shock Absorbing Dog Leash, Control & Training Lead (25″ Candy)
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SparklyPets Hands-Free Dog Leash for Medium and Large Dogs – Professional Harness with Reflective Stitches for Training, Walking, Jogging and Running Your Pet (Blue, for 1 Dog)
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Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash for Running, Walking, Hiking, Durable Dual-Handle Bungee Leash is 4 Feet Long with Reflective Stitching, and an Adjustable Waist Belt That Fits up to 42 Inch Waist

SHINE HAI Retractable Hands Free Dog Leash with Dual Bungees for up to 150 lbs Large Dogs

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This leash is an Amazon’s choice because it is highly rated, well priced and available to ship immediately. It’s one of the most popular leashes for running for dogs on Amazon. 

It is a hands free leash. There is a belt which you wear on your waist. You can freely use your phone or read a book.

What’s especially handy is the extra handles for extra control. It allows you to guide your dog. So if your dog starts going a little too fast or you suspect that he or she might leap at another dog, you can use it for direct control. 

It is strongly made with two bungees. There is a dual spring, so it’ll absorb all the lunges from your dog (recommended up to 150 pounds). It’ll reduce the back strain and the possibility of getting injured. 

The leash belt stretches a great deal and can adjust to the size of your dog.

A huge plus for this is the reflective stitching. You can use it for the night. The added visibility to pedestrians and drivers could save your life. 

It fits two dogs, which is great if you have two dogs! It’s very hard to walk two dogs the normal way (often they will go in different directions or one will stop while the other will go). This makes it a lot easier and save you a ton of time.

EzyDog ZERO SHOCK Leash – Best Shock Absorbing Dog Leash, Control & Training Lead

This particular leash has specialized zero shock technology. The company even has a patent for it. The device dramatically increases control and cushions the pressure on the dog and the owner.

It comes in two sizes: 25 inch and 48 inch. It is available in 10 colors. This is quite nice, as a lot of leashes are only available in a couple or even just 1. Now you can one that matches your track suit (if that is something that is important to you.) This way, you get the durability and utility of a quality product without compromising on style.

The “soft touch” technology of this leash is also patented. It has well made webbing and an innovative secondary control handle for surefire and strong control and comfort.

The handle is padded and lined with neoprene, making it comfortable and durable. Neoprene, in case you didn’t know, is synthetic rubber. It maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range and can be used for both walking and jogging with your dog. Sudden moves by your pet are no problem.

There is an accessory clip to add a key ring or other clipable items without any difficulty.

Overall, this is a great buy due to the technology. However, if you’re looking to save money you should probably look at other brands.

SparklyPets Hands-Free Dog Leash for Medium and Large Dogs

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SparklyPets is a pet brand that sells everything from rope leashes to adjustable ones to extension bungees. Their dog leash comes in six colors, from blue to gold champagne. This is a top choice that should definitely be considered.

This is a hands free leash (but has a hands on option) , which means you should at least be comparing it to other hands free leashes (apples to apples). In other leashes by other companies, the dog can break free as a result of the belt unlatching. In contrast, this model has a support mechanism which has 2 stainless steel clasps that take the tension off the plastic buckle and spread the pulling force of your dog to the sides of the belt.

This belt only comes in one size and is designed for medium and large dogs. With dogs (especially with large ones), you definitely need a leash that can absorb the shock and give you control. This model has a strong and flexible bungee that allows that.

Remember, with leashes, control is very important. Think of trying to cross a busy street. You need something firm, yet smooth and that is provided by this leashes easy grip control.

Part of what sets this SparklyPets model apart is that it is both hands free and hands on. There’s a rubber handle which allows it to switch from hands free to hands on almost immediately.

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied, you can send it back to the manufacturer and they will refund your money.

The handle and the waistband are made from nylon. It’s strong enough (along with the elastic bungee) to withstand the force of large dogs and is weather resistant as well. This way you won’t lose balance when your hound suddenly changes direction.

The bungee is quite long and goes up to 68’’ (5 2/3 feet). This is enough to allow freedom without being too cumbersome. 

If you walk or run at night, you definitely want reflective stitching. This way other pedestrians and car or truck drivers will be able to see you. SparklyPets leash does have reflective stitching.

Lastly, what makes this leash very convenient is that it comes with a storage bag. You can store everything quite easily in it and then hang it on a hook or the back of a door. That way it’s not dangling from somewhere in your living room.

Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash

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Tuff Mutt is a manufacturer of dog products. On Amazon, they have everything from dog bowls to accessory pouches too harnesses. All their items are highly rated.

This particular model has a “easy glide belt clip”. With other leashes, you need to stay in one position. The “easy glide” clip allows your dog to move from side to side smoothly. This means less restricted running.

There is plenty of running room with this leash. This is important to have, as you don’t want your running trip to be cumbersome. It’s 4 feet long and when fully extended it is 5 feet.

However, this might not be the best leash for smaller dogs. If they’re less than 30 lbs, they are probably not strong enough to use the bungee system on the leash.

Control is the number one thing when it comes to dog leashes (especially when running.) Tuff Mutt’s leash allows easy control. You will not have to stop right in the middle of a run to control your dog. There are two handles which you can use to guide your dog. Also, the collar handle can be used in special situations.

Walking or running when its dark can be a concern. If you do this, it’s important to purchase a reflective piece of equipment. The Tuff Mutts leash has reflective thread so that you’ll be seen by cars and trucks on the road. 

Lastly, there is a lifetime guarantee. This is definitely a nice bonus which adds piece of mind.

What are some features to think about?

The belt has to be worn all the time. Some support belts can improve the wearer’s posture. Some also have multiple configurations.

The length of the leash is probably one of the most important factors. There has to be enough length to give your pet enough room to run without dragging. If the leash is too long, it can be tripped over. If you’re a short person, a long leash might not be great because it will drag on the ground and allow your dog to get too far ahead. If you’re tall, you might not want to get a short one because there might not enough room. This can make it uncomfortable to breathe while running or even choke the dog. 

You’ll also want to consider color. It’s a plus for your leash to be easily seen by both pedestrians and motorists. Many leashes are available in bright colors such as neon orange, yellow and pink. If you run when it’s dark out, look for one with reflectors or blinking LED lights.

Many have some sort of storage capacity (usually compartments. This can be extremely convenient. You can store your personal possessions there (such a your ID, phone or keys). This is very handy, as many running pants don’t have pockets. But you can also use it to store items for your pet, such as water and treats. 

That being said, you should definitely make sure that your pet is okay with a long distance run. Make sure I’m or her is healthy. Also, not all types of dog breeds are good at long distance running. Additionally, all dogs need to first build endurance. So you might want to start with a short distance and then gradually make it longer and longer.

Do you have a veterinarian that you regularly consult? If so, it wouldn’t hurt to contact him or her before embarking on a big fitness change. 

A harness is safer and more comfortable than the typical collar. So think about buying one if you are going out on regular runs. The investment will be worth it.

Lastly, be sure to monitor and keep track of your dog. Dogs sometimes overheat. Pay attention to the weather. They are at risk of heat stroke during the summer and hypothermia in the winter. It is highly suggested to always have water on hand in case your hound gets dehydrated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s good to store in the storage compartments?

Definitely water. If it’s hot out, you definitely want to make sure your dog doesn’t get dehydrated. If you have extra room, it might be more comfortable to put your personal possessions such as your ID, wallet and keys in it.

I like to run at night. What do you suggest?

Some leashes have flashing LEDs. Others have reflectors that shine bright when light is put on them. Consider either. 

Should I just buy the cheapest?

No. If it is cheaply made eventually it will rip. It’s worth making the investment of buying a quality leash. This is especially true if you plan on running regularly.

Where can you buy a dog leash designed for running?

If you need one immediately, try a store like PetSmart or even a large discount store such as Target or Walmart. If you can wait a few days though, your best bet is definitely an online retailer such as Amazon. It will have free shipping if you order over a certain amount (or if you have Amazon Prime). Not only will the prices be cheaper but you’ll also have a vastly better selection.

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