Best Dog Crate for Escape Artists

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No dog owners likes doing it, but sometimes you need to put your hound in a crate. This is for when you leave for an extended period of time, such as work or even just going out for a couple of hours. This is not only to make sure they don’t make a mess while you’re away, but also for their safety. 

Nothing is more frustrating, however, when things go wrong. Imagine returning home from a night out, only to discover your dog has escaped (and probably destroyed your house). 

There are a number of tactics you can utilize (as well as specialized dog crates for escape artists.) Here are some tips.

First, it’s important that you find a proper crate for your dog. It should be tall enough for them to stand and sit, but also long enough so that they can lie down with paws stretched out. Otherwise, it will be inhumane. Dogs are active animals and need to be able to move around. 

In general, the longer the time period, the large the crate you should buy. It’s definitely worth it if you’re going to be gone 8+ hours at a time for work. 

There are dozens of dog crate brands, and that’s even before choosing the right style, model and size. How do you choose one?

First, the material is very important. Escape artists will need something made of steel, hard plastic or reinforced wire to contain them. The hardware will need to be very sturdy. 

It’s important to know how your dog escapes. Usually it’s by chewing the connectors of the crate. With most crates, small metal connectors keep the sides together and the doors mounted in proper place. These are weak points and its important to choose a crate that has strong ones.

Some dogs are smart enough (and some crates so poorly designed) that the hounds can  simply fiddle with the latch.

Lastly, they can use just pure brute force. Remember, dogs are persistent animals and will not give up quickly. When you’re away and they’re in the crate, they have all the time, energy and drive to try to get out. 

So what can the caring dog owner do? You can observe them. Sometimes you’ll need to leave first before they starting doing their escape artistry. So hide in another room or use a web cam. 

Once you discover how they are trying to escape, you can reinforce the weak spot of the crate. Be sure not to use something like duct tape (which they’ll chew on, everything should be dog proof.) You can use a high quality carabiner to reinforce a crate. 

Lastly, there are some other tactics you can use. Try giving your dog a toy next time you put them in a crate. That way, they get distracted. Just be sure it’s safe enough that you can leave it unattended with your hound.

Before putting your dog in a crate, try exercising him or her. A brisk walk or run will make them expend all their pent up energy. That way, they get tired out and won’t have as much energy to try to escape. 

Lastly, a change of location might be better. Try next to a window so your dog gets natural sun light. A view of squirrels, cars or pedestrians might get them wound up, so try to prevent them from being stimulated like this.

JY QAQA PET Heavy Duty Dog Cage Strong Folding Metal Crate Kennel 

This is a heavy duty crate for medium to large dogs. It comes in four sizes, from 36 inches to 48. It’s suitable for even large breeds between 70-90 pounds. Storage is easy because it can fold flat. 

The JY QAQA crate has both side door and top access. This way you can interact with your hound find while keeping them comfortable and safe. It is both suitable for a big dog to get in and out and also for the owner to feed. A heavy duty slide bolt latch locks the door to keep your dog safely inside. 

When searching for a crate for your pet, you should also find something easy to maintain (particularly clean). This model is a great choice because there is a floor grate and a washable metal pan. The bottom trays are also removable. 

In addition, it’s extremely easy to move. This is very important as the design is quite bulky for dog crates. There is a four wheel design on the bottom. Two front wheels can be locked in place for storage. This way, you do not have to lift a heavy cage (with a heavy dog inside). You can just roll it.

There is a protective coating with multiple layers that resists rust and corrosion on this crate. This durable crate can even be used in the out doors. In addition, this strong coating is non toxic so you don’t have to worry if your dog licks or bites it.

Dog crates are not inexpensive and customer service is important for most people. This particular one has a 30 day money back guarantee and a 18 month replacement service. Their customer service can be contacted when you have an issue.

The JY QAQA metal dog crate has multiple uses. You can use it from anything such as potty training to setting boundaries with your hound. Or it could simply be a safe place to keep your dog. There is plenty of visibility and ventilation so that your hound can relax. For comfort, you can place a bed inside (not included).

This crate is very well designed. The wheels on the bottom swivel 360 degrees, greatly increasing mobility. This is very handy to have as dog crates in general are cumbersome to move. Two bolt laches are used for safety and security.

If you have a big dog, you know how strong one can be. Often it seems like they’re pure muscle and could force their way through anything. This crate was built for these dogs in mind. The metal frame is reinforced and can withstand the force of a determined dog. 

With all these features, you might be thinking that this crate would be a hassle to set up. Fortunately, that’s not true. This crate has a relatively simple design. All you have to do is put on the four wheels and tighten 8 screws.

SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate Strong Metal Pet Kennel Playpen

This heavy duty dog crate is almost industry indestructible and looks it too. The metal frame is coated with multiple layers of protective coating that defend it against rust, corrosion, scratches and scruffs. It is approved for indoor and outdoor use. You won’t have to worry when your pet chews and licks it. 

With a big strong dog, you definitely want to make sure your dog cage is rugged. With reinforced steel and all parts being welded, your dog will fail to escape. There is plenty of visibility and ventilation (important for most breeds). There are not one but TWO locks with safety buckles to prevent your dog from opening and escaping. 


If you’re going to use your dog crate frequently, you’ll definitely want something that is easily cleaned. The SMONTER crate has a removable plastic tray that is used to catch discarded dog food and excretement, making cleanup very easy.


This crate definitely has ease of installation going for it. It is estimated that it can be completed within ten minutes by most people. This is because its is shipped partially assembled. So no more spending hours on assembling something with very cryptic instructions. 


The 360 degrees rotating caster can be removed to add stability. 

PANEY Large Heavy Duty Rolling Dog Cage Crate

The first thing you’ll notice with the PANEY dog crate is the heavy build. It’s steel frame is strong and durable. The walls will not bend when your dog crashes into it. The tubes are constructed from heavy gauge and high quality steel. Each bar is firmly welded.

The design has 2 doors. The double entrances make taking care of your dog easy, making this crate quiet user friendly. You’ll be grateful easy access to your pet when you do activities like feeding or changing water. The door on top works well when you want to take your hound for a walk. The front door has double latches and the top door has one. Both are quite strong. 

Dogs are dirty animals. To make cleanup easier, the floor is designed to allow dirties to drop to the bottom tray. Both the steel tray and grate floor can slide easily, making cleaning not a difficult thing to do. 

ITORI Heavy Duty Metal Dog Cage Kennel Crate 

You can tell this crate from Itori has premium construction. This is important because if the build is flimsy, an escape artist is able to do his or her routine and escape. This crate is made out of quality reinforced steel. The high quality metal frame also gives ventilation and visibility so that your dog has a comfortable environment while you are away.

This crate implements an innovative double door design. This makes it easy for your dog to enter and leave but also makes interacting with your dog more convenient. The latches are heavy duty and create a secure and safe system for your dog.

Some crates can only be used inside a house. This particular one can be used for both inside and outside the home. So if you want to go outside and want to let your pet get some fresh air, all you have to do is roll out the crate. The coating resists things like rust and scratches and is nontoxic. You don’t have to worry if your dog licks or bites the crate.

Some dogs are just strong and will need a well built crate to hold them. A cheap wire cage won’t be able to hold them.

What are some other features? 

The quality of the build is extremely important for this type of product. This crate has 20 gauge steel and reinforced half inch diameter metal tubes.

This crate has a 30 day money back guarantee. This means you can order worry free. There’s also after purchase customer service available.

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