Why Dog Bites Owner and How To Stop Dog Biting?

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dog bite owner

Dogs are very faithful and loyal to his owner by born. You must have a deep soft corner in your heart for your beloved pet dog. But your delightful outing may turn into the troublesome experience when a dog ferociously bites you or somebody else unexpectedly.  Aggressive dog behavior creates a stressful situation when you are not totally ready to face the situation at all. Everyone needs to know why dog bites owner and its solution.

Biting is basically an outgoing reaction of a dog to something.  There are several reasons for what a dog bites owner. It seems very intimidating and you might wonder why dogs bite owners do and how to stop it? In this article, I am going to have a comfortable discussion step by step to let you know the reasons of dog biting and their prevention methods. Let’s know about that in details.

Reasons behind dog bites owner

The facts being a dog’s biting are very necessary to know for his master. Here are the key reasons that may drive a dog to bite.


A fearful dog expresses his feeling through biting. When a dog feels threated by a situation or from any source, they become aggressive by nature and bites unexpectedly. This happens specifically with those dogs who have not been treated well or feel nervous provoked by surroundings. To defense they from adverse situation happened to them, they begin biting.


Over-excitement may sometimes lead the dogs for biting. Usually, they get excited when they play with you. In playing time, they can begin grabbing your arm, leg or hand without causing serious damage to your skin.

Generally, puppies don’t have biting inhibition at all. Hence they don’t have that understanding to use their teeth in such kind of aggressive tasks. Even a well-natured dog tends to bite in play when they get overexcited. This is completely out of their sense that they are causing harm to their owner by biting.

The feeling of frustration:frustrated dog

Frustration is another cause of dog biting. When dogs physically or mentally feel much stressed, they may bite you suddenly. If they carry any injury or pain in a particular region of their body, your simple touch in that wounded place may incite them to bite.

Normally, any stressful situation makes us feel grumpy and irritated. The same case happens to our beloved pet dogs. When they get hurt, they can’t express their stressful agony to others. Let alone frustration, when they feel discomfort to weather or other particular reason, their tolerance level gets lowers and become short tempered than ever.

Age factor:

When you are getting old in course of time, a noticeable change is clearly discovered in you. You don’t feel easy, get irritated easily, want calm and peaceful environment. Am I right? Dogs are also not an exception to this term. They also get old naturally by time. Old aged dogs generally want peace and their delicate physical condition doesn’t allow them to do things like before. He may growl at the person or the source from which it gets annoyed fiercely. Growling is a particular warning for you to consider the things.Don’t ignore the fact at all

Possessive behavior:

Some dogs are naturally territorial about some particular aspects. If your dog is possessive about foods, toy or you, His aggression results in biting. He tends to bite when they feel their certain favorite things are being snatched from them. For an example, if dogs are very much protective or territorial about you, they will surely show its aggression. Generally, they are quite submissive to you. When anyone gets so close to you, it might get dominant in nature. In addition, their toys or foods are also certain regions of their protective nature.

Sudden surprise:

When somebody unknowingly jumps on you to make your surprise of their presence, you may react in different ways for sure. You can get irritated or express your anger by yelling. Whatever your reaction basically depends on the situation or the individual.  The same case can happen to your dog. Don’t disturb your dog when they are relaxing. When they go to sleep or taking some time to relax, your sudden jumps out on them may startle them. Nobody likes getting shocked. Make sure about it that you won’t surprise your dog with your action or behavior.

Socialization:dog socializing

Lack of socialization ignites the tendency of a dog to bite. When your dog is not aware of the world around him, he fails to understand its necessity. If a room full of strange people or any kind of public place cause fear to your dog, it might drive him to get excited and cause him to bite. That’s why a dog owner should carefully try to socialize his dog.


Don’t be rude to your dog. Your simple misbehavior can provoke him to get excited and his reaction results in biting at last. Many of us are not careful about this matter. Sometimes, we become short-tempered and yell at our dogs losing our temper. The way we treat our dog is very necessary for us if we want them not to bite.

Redirected aggression fact:

Redirected aggression happens when a dog is ignited or agitated by something unpleasant. If any dog or other person provokes them, they redirect their hostility towards them and tend to bite. This type of aggression is very harmful and dangerous too.

The inborn tendency to bite:

Some dogs are born with natural aggression tendency towards biting. German shepherds, Chihuahuas are the best example for that.

How To Stop Dog Bitting Owner


You know that dogs are a territorial animal. They have an inborn tendency of possessiveness over the things they love most such as his owner, food or toys. If your dog feels that any intruder snatches his territory anyhow, he may start defending their territory zone. They may attack you when you try to snatch something that is very close to them.

By now you have come to know about the main reasons behind the aggressive biting attitude of a dog to his owner or somebody else. It is necessary to spot the signs of their aggression and stop biting moods of the dogs. If you know the basic reasons for the problems, you can be able to find out the solution too. By following systematic methods, you can definitely resolve these issues as well. Let’s know how to stop the dogs to bite.

Teach him discipline:

dog bite owner

Well trained dogs are safer than the dogs without obedience training. Teaching discipline is the best thing you can do to aloof him from any kind of aggression. Moreover, obedience training leaves a positive impact on your dog. It solves various types of dog’s behavioral issues and improves his mindset.

Medical help:

If your dog is wounded anyhow, chances are more for it to bite you. As a dog owner, you need to find out about the health of your dog. If he carries any pain or injury, get him for medical treatment. In this term, a professional dog trainer can help you to gather constructive ideas to manage your angry dog from his extreme level of biting mode. Sometimes, some underlying medical issues can invite your dog to be aggressive suddenly. That’s why a dog owner should consult a veterinarian to perceive the underlying medical issues. Nevertheless, he should be more watchful and care for his dog.

Take him for exercise:

Regular exercise helps your dog achieve mental stability and promotes their psychological state. They adopt aggression especially biting as a weapon when they feel insecure. So when you offer him your dependable company to them in their regular exercise, a good relationship will grow between you two and you can understand him as well. Physical exercise will make your dog burn their energy and enables them to feel animated. This technique to stop your dog from biting must work for you.

Socialization training:

As a dog master, you want your dog to feel easy and adaptable to any situation. To make him socialize, you need to expose him to a lot of people, places, and any eventful circumstances. That’s how your dog will learn socialization slowly. A calm and fearless dog won’t bite its owner or anybody. That’s why this process is mandatory to know.


A pet dog is a loyal and dependable companion of you. It can shower you with authentic loyalty and adorable love.  He is a constant and worthy guard to protect you and your home from unexpected danger so you should treat your dog with love even when he gets aggressive. Punishing him for his aggression is not a better idea to follow. Your imprudent decision of making punishment to control his behavioral issues will definitely increase possibilities to fuel your dog towards excessive aggression in biting. I agree with the fact that dealing with an aggressive dog is very dangerous and frightening matter when a dog bites owner. But won’t you make a bit of compromise for your dear puppy?

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