Best Dog Breath Freshner

Everyone loves their dog. What they don’t love is bad doggie breath (frequent for more hounds than others). It’s not fun getting you face licked by a foul smelling tongue. Puppy kisses are definitely not as good when your dog’s breath is awful. Here are some tips on dealing with it. Remember, it’s something that … Read more

Best Dog Crate for Escape Artists

No dog owners likes doing it, but sometimes you need to put your hound in a crate. This is for when you leave for an extended period of time, such as work or even just going out for a couple of hours. This is not only to make sure they don’t make a mess while … Read more

Best Dog Leash for Running

Dogs are wonderful creatures but it takes some work to be a good dog owner. One important thing is to make sure they get enough exercise. Otherwise, they will start behaving badly and even sometimes destroy objects in your home. Running can be an excellent exercise. They’ll spend their excess energy and get rid of … Read more

Best smelling dog shampoo for odor

golden retriever takes a bath

Dogs are not known for smelling good. In fact, the stereotype is that they smell quite bad.  Why? Well, just observe them: dogs are wonderful creatures but they are quite dirty. They love rolling around in mud or playing with trash. Their natural smell is not attractive to humans. If not controlled, it can have … Read more

Best door mats for dogs

you have a cute dog. he deserves a nice mat

Let’s face it: dogs are dirty creatures. They love running around in a park or yard and rolling around. They are constantly bring in dirt from the outside. It may feel like an arduous task to keep a house clean. You can bet it’s worse when there’s heavy rain. I’m not sure what’s worse, muddy … Read more